Report: OpenAI Data Stolen in 2023 Hack

Report: OpenAI Data Stolen in 2023 Hack
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The Facts

  • A report from the New York Times alleges that hackers were able to access the internal messaging platform of OpenAI in 2023. According to anonymous sources, the maker of ChatGPT found that customer and employee data weren't compromised, so the news wasn't shared with the public or law enforcement.

  • Sources say that the attackers were able to steal details relating to the design of their artificial intelligence (AI) technologies but were not able to access systems where their products are built or stored.

The Spin

Narrative A

AI companies are not taking the threat of espionage seriously enough. Particularly, foreign actors such as China have stepped up their efforts to steal American AI technology to use for their own purposes, but they may have heeded the call too late. The fact that this was not even reported to the authorities is a shocking reflection of how careless OpenAI can be in the face of a concerted effort to undermine the US.

Narrative B

Far from being lax on the security concerns AI raises, OpenAI has been proactive in the face of foreign governments trying to use their tools for malicious purposes. Disrupting an international influence network was only a piece of it, and it is wrong to stir up xenophobic paranoia over an issue that is already being addressed. It is unlikely that the exposure of model details will aid enemies of the US any time soon.

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