Study: Moderna Combined COVID-Flu Vaccine Shows Positive Results

Study: Moderna Combined COVID-Flu Vaccine Shows Positive Results
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The Facts

  • Biotech company Moderna released late-stage trial results for a combined vaccine against COVID and the flu, claiming that the single shot was more effective than individual jabs against the respective viruses.

  • The two-in-one mRNA vaccine was placed in a phase 3 trial that studied antibody responses in more than 8K adults aged 50-plus. The results were then compared with those who received the standalone COVID shot along with one of two popular flu shots — Fluzone and Fluarix.

The Spin

Pro-establishment narrative

The development of a combined COVID and flu vaccine is a major win for the scientific and medical communities that could allow millions more people to get vaccinated. A rise in misinformation and vaccine fatigue has caused COVID vaccination rates to decline, but combining the COVID jab with the seasonal flu shot could get more people to protect themselves. Most people are accustomed to getting regular flu shots, so combining that with COVID shots will allow people to get the seasonal protection they need.

Establishment-critical narrative

The establishment can't seem to quit pushing mRNA vaccines despite continued evidence and reports showing that they are far from as effective as originally touted — at best. Big Pharma has seen a dramatic dip in sales since global governments stopped forcing mRNA jabs onto the populace, but it's determined to grow its profits at all costs. The COVID debacle shows that mRNA is far from a simple panacea, and creating new jabs with it could backfire and actually increase vaccine hesitancy.

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