Vatican Excommunicates Archbishop Critical of Pope Francis

Vatican Excommunicates Archbishop Critical of Pope Francis
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The Facts

  • The Vatican on Friday excommunicated Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, a vocal critic of Pope Francis, after finding him guilty of "the reserved delict [violation of the law] of schism."

  • Last month, the Dicastery of the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican's disciplinary body, assigned Viganò to a penal canon trial for the "crime of schism" and "denial of the legitimacy of Pope Francis."

The Spin

Narrative A

Viganò was a senior figure in the Church. Instead of investigating his accusation that the Pope covered up the sexual abuse scandals of his protégés, the Vatican punished and censured an outspoken archbishop. Viganò's only crime was that he tried to draw attention to corruption in the Holy See, called out Francis' papacy for imposing on the faithful the acceptance of homosexualism, and exposed a false prophet.

Narrative B

Viganò wasn't excommunicated for criticizing the pontiff but for demonizing the Church. Blindsided by the archbishop, he mocked Francis' message of inclusivity, termed the Pope a criminal for promoting vaccines, and refused to recognize the pontiff or the Vatican officials under him. Francis has largely tolerated dissent for years, but it was time to hold Viganò accountable for undermining the Catholic faith.

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