Wikipedia Deems ADL Unreliable on Israel-Palestine Conflict

Wikipedia Deems ADL Unreliable on Israel-Palestine Conflict
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The Facts

  • Wikipedia's volunteer editors have voted to label the Jewish non-profit Anti-Defamation League (ADL) as a "generally unreliable" source for the Israel-Palestine conflict.

  • The label means Wikipedia would not typically allow the ADL to be referenced in its articles regarding the Gaza conflict. The editors are also considering a vote on whether to label it as an unreliable source regarding antisemitism.

The Spin

Pro-Israel narrative

The ADL, whose statistics not even the editors could show are inaccurate, relies on its credibility. This vote was taken due to a handful of statements made by Jonathan Greenblatt and subjective arguments about how pro-Palestine protesters should be labeled. While these topics can certainly be debated, the longest-serving defender of Jewish rights shouldn't be banned from Wikipedia over them.

Pro-Palestine narrative

The US government and corporate media have long protected the ADL, but since the Oct. 7 attack, ADL leadership has dangerously conflated criticism of Israel with antisemitism. Even before Oct. 7, it was known to attack Palestinian-focused groups. Given its recent bad-faith assertions targeting Palestinian groups, scholars, students, and anti-war Jewish groups, Wikipedia has made the correct choice.

Metaculus Prediction

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