Biden Admin. Proposes Workplace Heat Protection Regulations

Biden Admin. Proposes Workplace Heat Protection Regulations
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The Facts

  • The Biden administration on Tuesday proposed a new rule — put forth by the Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration — that would create protections for employees working in excessive heat.

  • If implemented, the proposal would become the first federal standard to address excessive workplace heat. The White House claims about 36M workers would be granted protections that substantially reduce the risks of heat injuries, illnesses, and deaths.

The Spin

Democratic narrative

While Republicans continue to deny the climate crisis, Biden is implementing desperately needed regulations that will protect workers from heat-related illnesses. Around the US and the entire world, record-shattering temperatures are leading to increased disease and death for thousands of workers. Biden is distinguishing himself from his Republican opponents on the most critical issue of our time, and he must be re-elected to continue this effort.

Republican narrative

The Biden administration is trying to capitalize on climate propaganda to push a dangerous agenda that erodes Americans' liberties. Radical climate alarmists have taken over our institutions, distorting data and pushing lies to scare the public. The left will claim that temperatures are at an all-time high, but there's plenty of data that debunks those alarmist claims. The Democrats thrive on generating hysteria to seize more and more power for themselves.

Metaculus Prediction

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